Tips On How You Can Become A High Energy Speaker

If you are not a regular public speaker but need to do so for a particular event or you simply want to improve your public speaking skills, then keep on reading. One of the most effective ways to become a more effective speaker is to create a great deal of energy in your performance. High energy speakers are often the most interesting and engaging speakers, and thankfully, anyone can develop this skill. We will now look at a few tips and guidelines on how you can do just that.

The first tip is to get warmed up before your speech and try to build an internal hype. You can do this by ensuring that you get a great night’s sleep and do some stretches before going on stage. This will help to get your blood flowing and you should always take a couple of deep breaths to settle and ground yourself. Just before the speech, you should go into a meditative state and focus on exactly what you want to achieve through your speech and what is your end goal. You should also practice what you would like to say and convey and ensure that you’re well prepared.

Another way to increase the energy in your speech is to simply increase the volume of your voice and microphone. There is nothing worse than having an audience that can barely hear you because you’re talking so softly. Even if you’re a naturally quiet and shy person, you will need to learn how to project your voice so that everyone can hear what you’re saying easily and clearly. In most cases, people perceive soft spoken people to be shy, meek and lacking confidence. By adding some volume to your voice, this will give the illusion of having an energetic speech and you will even feel more energetic yourself by speaking up.

Next, in order to feel and look confident, you need to improve your posture, especially while on stage. This means that you should stand tall if you’re standing or sit upright if you need to be seated. Body language is a huge aspect of perception and a person that stands tall will be perceived as being confident and high energy.

Our next tip has to to with how you speak. Whatever you’re saying, you should say it with passion and intensity. Remember, if you are not interested and excited about what you’re talking about, why should anyone else be? People are interested in passionate people, so let your passion shine when you speak. Once people can see this, they will be automatically interested in whatever you have to say.

You should also remain connected to what you’re talking about throughout the entire speech. It is so easy to start droning or talking in a boring and robotic tone after you’ve been talking for awhile. This is especially true if you’re giving a particular speech or presentation that you’ve done many times before. However, you should avoid this as much as possible since your audience will lose interest. Instead, make sure that you stay connected to the material you’re speaking about and maintain a certain level of intention to keep your audience engaged. You should aim to always be fully present in the moment since everyone else will recognize if you’re not and stop paying attention as well. You should also aim to pay attention to the responses of your audience and if you’re losing their interest, you should re-gain it by engaging with them to make the speech or presentation more interactive.

In summary, these are just a few tips that will help you to become a high energy speaker. You won’t learn all these skills overnight, but if you keep working on them and consistently trying to improve, you will eventually become a fantastic speaker.

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